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August 23, 2010 / gooisma

Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Matching Best Friends Tattoos

“A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have…”

This quote about best friends perhaps summarize the very reason why you want to get a best friend tattoo in the first place. You want to celebrate that friendship and make it last forever through skin art.


Here are some tips and ideas to create an amazing piece of best friends tattoos.

Matching tats can be fun and memorable. Get something that symbolizes a hobby that you both are into, like maybe a musical note if you both love singing. Or perhaps, your favorite cartoon character when you were both kids. The important thing is you will always be reminded of the special bond you share with your friend every time you see it.

If you want to go safe with your tattoo designs, going for classic images is not a bad idea. There are tons to choose from and you can always add your own style into it to make it personal and meaningful for you and your best friend. If you are both girls, flowers and butterflies can look very feminine and pretty on your skin. Stars and hearts are two of the most universal symbols and their simplicity and versatility make them a preferred skin art.

Getting a zodiac symbol or glyph of each other’s astrological symbol is another interesting idea. You can even go as far as inking each other’s birth date. You can also go for sun and moon tattoo or yin and yang symbols. If you want to go a little discrete, how about converting the phrase “friends forever” in foreign language like Kanji, Hebrew or Italian maybe.

There is an ongoing craze about script tattoos nowadays as they have a way of expressing feelings different from that of images. Of course, they consist of words and letterings that can be excerpts from a poem, a song maybe, verse from the bible or quotations about friendship.

You can go for the rib cage, shoulder blade and upper back if you want to go for long quotes. For short and sweet script tats, the wrist, foot and ankle are the preferred body parts to accommodate such ink theme. It does not matter which part of the body you decided to get it, as long as that special and unique bond is felt between the two of you. After all, “ the language of friendship is not words but meanings.”

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