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August 20, 2010 / gooisma

The Tribal Tattoo Design and Why it is So Popular

The tribal design is amongst the top choices of those who want to get some tattoo art on their skin. There is something really cool about the tribal image that often gets noticed. The lines are free flowing plus the designs are always intricate. The tribal design can be quite timeless as these designs have been around for centuries, and will probably continue to be used to keep tribal heritage alive in the future. Whatever the actual design will be that you choose, such designs always catch the interest of both men and women alike.


The tribal tattoo design usually comes in either dark blue or black ink. The choice of design is unlimited, and before you can decide, you may look at a wide range of available designs and styles from the ritual, spiritual, fertility, and several other symbols. Always take your time when deciding, and look at what tattoo art galleries are available for more ideas. Be sure to pick out something that reflects your personality. Customise a design if necessary. If you are good at art, bring along your tattoos drawings to discuss with your tattoo artist before committing to a particular design.

A well-toned, fit body can be more enhanced with attractive body art. Decide what is your best body part, and consider whether this would be a good location for your tribal tattoo, ask your friends for their honest opinion about your choice of design and the possible location for your tattoo art.

For most men, the tribal image tattoo ranks as the number one choice. These designs can spell out the masculinity of a person. Other popular preferences include the sleeve designs, the dragon tattoos, the lion, Celtic, eagle, and those designs that spread over the shoulder blades. However, women should not feel excluded from wearing a tribal style tattoo. Some designs are so intricate and detailed that any woman can feel comfortable with one, and these designs lend themselves perfectly to smaller areas, such as an ankle, one side of the lower abdomen, or inside forearm.

Think well before you decide. Try not to go out and get yourself a bad tattoo that you will regret for the rest of your life. A tattoo should be something you are proud to display.

To save you some time, you should take a look at my Squidoo lens or blog if you are still undecided about the exact style, want to get to the best source of tattoos with a tribal image in mind, or just want to pick one right off a page that speaks directly to you.

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