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August 18, 2010 / gooisma

Tattoo Designs and Placement of Your Body Art

If you are looking to get a new tattoo or are ready to join the countless others who have been inked, then you should think seriously about the tattoo designs you like. Some people research different meanings for symbols and meanings, and for others they have an idea that they want replicated on their bodies. I guess it is more important than the actual placement of the tattoo. Great tattoo designs will withstand the years.


Many times people take the designs from tribal or cultural backgrounds and interpret them to their own life and philosophy. For some time there was the trend of having Asian symbols tattooed down the back of many individuals. It then turned to Celtic designs and then there are also other symbols and languages that have been popular also. If you’re looking for a design that wont lose effect, I would suggest you choose timeless tattoo designs. This way they wont go in and out of fashion, because you are going to have it long after the trend dies down.

Another thing to think about when you are looking at designs is where you plan on having the tattoo placed on your body. Some designs look better on your torso, and others are better suited to arms and legs, even feet and wrists. Good tattoo designs will compliment the placement you have chosen for it.

Because of the permanency of tattoos, you should thoroughly think about where your tattoo will be, who will see it and what it actually means to you. Certainly some people have tattoo designs that are made to be shown off, to be displayed and worn as a badge of honor. Other times people may choose tattoo designs that are a little more discrete. Whatever your choice, choosing the right design for the right place on your body will make you proud of your decision and the art work that you display for many years to come.

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