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August 18, 2010 / gooisma

Ideas For Men’s and Women’s Tattoo Designs

Have you been finding it difficult to zero in on just the right tattoo design? If so, that’s probably a good thing. Because tattoos are permanent, they are the kind of thing you should consider carefully. You should look ate several different design portfolios to get ideas. Also, talk to the tattoo artist to see what other ideas they can suggest.Pics_037_large

Regardless of what anybody has to say about what design you should get, you are the one that will be having ink embedded in your skin with a tattoo gun, so it’s ultimately up to you. You can still turn to others for suggestions, and there’s nothing wrong with getting plenty of ideas, but it will be up to you to refine the list of tattoo design choices before settling on the final one.

Ideas for Men’s and Women’s Tattoo Designs

It only makes sense that men and women would find different designs more appealing. In general, men will prefer designs that highlight their masculinity, while women will prefer more feminine designs; there are, of course, always exceptions. Think of tattoos as a way of self-expression and these general choices are logical.

A word of caution is in order before we look at some ideas for tattoo designs: No matter how much you are in love, no matter how convince you are that it’s a good idea, do your best to resist the temptation to get your partner’s name tattooed on your body. Life is funny, and far too many people have found themselves going through a break up only to have the name as a constant reminder of what used to be.

You should be well aware that there are no universal designs for men or women, as each tattoo is based on many different individual factors. While tattoos are a personal decision, one of the factors that goes into choosing one is gender. Even if the final design doesn’t seem to coincide with one’s gender, it will usually be one of the criteria used in selecting a tattoo (even if it’s done at a subconscious level). Even more important is one’s taste and style.

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