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August 18, 2010 / gooisma

A Few Cool Cross Tattoo Designs Ideas

For most people, having a tattoo is like everlasting love. A tattoo is something permanent in most cases and stays with you forever. When you are deciding on a tattoo, remember that it’s permanent so keep in mind what you are getting or what type of design you want to get. While there are procedures that can remove tattoos now, there are scars that stay behind. For anyone who is looking at getting a tattoo, cool cross tattoo designs are becoming more and more popular and there are thousands of ideas for this type of tattoo now all over the world.


Cool cross tattoo designs are popular because there are thousands of variations to it and for some the cross has special meaning to them for a number of things. It can represent someone’s religion, faith, and even nationality among other things. There are many tattoo designs available so when you are looking at getting one you should take your time and pick the one you truly want. There are designs that are simple, and some feature waves, curves or many other shapes. Some look more realistic and have roses, blood drops, flowers, nails and leaves. For anyone who has a Christian faith, this type of tattoo is a way for them to show their belief in Jesus Christ.

Cool cross tattoo designs are not strictly for the religious faith but for anyone in general. There are many designs available and here are a few ideas:

Wood Cross

This is one of the most popular designs and is known as the memory of Christ’s death. This is a simple design and there are many tattoo artists that are now adding to them and use different colors and styles in order to make it more realistic.


Another one of the many cool cross tattoo designs is a tribal cross. This is similar to a Celtic cross and usually consists of black as the main color. This type of tattoo is popular with people who already have a tattoo that remembers someone. There is usually no religious meaning to this type of tattoo.

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