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July 10, 2010 / gooisma

Curious About Butterfly Fairy Tattoo Designs? Read This First

No longer regarded as male territory, tattoos are now as common with females as they are with males. Other designs have been developed, communicating a more feminine aura for ladies who are thinking about getting inked.

The butterfly fairy tattoo is one such design that adds its own touch of mystique. For years, fairies have been a symbol of the supernatural. The image of Tinkerbelle has been superimposed in our memories, resulting to butterfly fairies that are small, cute and delicate. Usually portrayed in the presence of trees, rocks or flowers, butterfly fairies are known for their affinity with nature. In certain folklores, they have been labeled as guardians of the environment and may either be kind or malicious.

Butterfly fairy tattoo designs are usually made small in deference to their normal size. However, that does not stop you for getting a design that could cover a wide expanse of skin. Popular body parts where this tattoo is placed include ankles, wrist, shoulders and lower back.

The design’s popularity can also be attributed to the fact that the butterfly fairy design is highly customizable. The fairy wings in itself can be made with a variety of brilliant colors that usually attracts the female population. It’s also possible to browse around books and sites for you to determine which wing pattern you would like to use. If you have an artistic streak in you, then you may also create your own brand of fairy wings and attach it to your favorite fairy. The possibilities are endless! You may also combine the character with different objects such as trees and flowers to enhance the fairy effect. The design can be made in pure black but most opt for the transition of life and color in the pattern to bring the mythical magic of fairies to life. Different elements can also be incorporated in the design, with the color often matching the fairy’s wings or clothes.

Although the primary meaning of butterfly fairies leans towards the magical, the symbol may have different connotations for the person wearing it. It may be a representation of their personality or perhaps to remind themselves of a loved one. For most, butterfly fairies are a representation of one’s dreams and wishes. It is believed that these types of fairies are the ones who grant dreams and by placing them on your body, your wishes will come true. Because of their link to myths, fairy tattoos can be interpreted in a number of ways.

Some celebrities known to have a fairy tattoo include singer Britney Spears who has it on her lower back. The allure of the fairies is timeless, making it a perfect choice for anyone who is thinking of getting inked. This goes double for females who are torn between getting a tattoo or not. A butterfly fairy tattoo is a beautiful design that manages to make a woman look sexy and maintains the essence of femininity. With the right colors and a bit of modification, a butterfly fairy tattoo design could be the ink of your dreams.

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