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June 21, 2010 / gooisma

Wonderful designs of tattoo for girls

As a girl or a young woman the most important thing for you most probably is not to be any different from your friends. You want to wear the same sort of clothes, listen to the same sort of music, like the same sort of movies, books, etc. And if many of your friends have tattoos (and your most famous celebrities) you will want to have a girly tattoo as well.

Well, tattoos got quite fashionable during the last couple of years and it is not so uncommon anymore that women and girls have tattoos also. Anyhow, even if it is a fashion, it is wise to consider that not everybody whom you will meet in the future is so tolerant and will like to look at your tattoo.
Wonderful designs of tattoo for girlsAs a girl you want to be extra careful with your decision about getting a tattoo. Here are some tips what to consider before you make your final decision.

1. Ask yourself: “Do I really want to get a tattoo because of me or is it just because everybody else has got one? Do I still want to have this tattoo when I am not 18 or 20 anymore? Will my kids like it or will it make them feel awkward having a mother with a tattoo?
2. Think very carefully about the design you are going to pick. A girly tattoo like e.g. a cute little kitten may be a sexy accessory as long as you are young. But how about it when you will be 50 years or older? Pick a design you will feel comfortable with for very many years. And never, never, never pick the name of your boyfriend. Your boyfriend maybe gone some day, but your tattoo will stay with you forever.
3. Where do you want to have the tattoo on your body? Pick a place which can easily be covered if necessary or is hidden underneath your clothes anyway. A tattoo should never be anything to be ashamed of but it should be something you are doing for yourself not for others. So there is not necessarily a need to show your tattoo openly all the time.
4. Choose the right tattoo studio very carefully. If your friends already have tattoos ask them for recommendations, ask them about their experiences. But never go to a tattoo studio just because everybody else is going there. You are the one, getting a tattoo, so make sure that you will feel comfortable with the studio and the studio owner and that you can trust the people working there. Try out several different studios, ask all the questions you may have and then take your time to make your decision.
5. Watch out for your health. Make sure the instruments and needles at the tattoo studio are new and sterile and that the person, doing the tattoo on you, is wearing gloves. Take good care of your tattoo and do as you have been told: Cover the tattoo at first, clean it thoroughly and apply lotion frequently.
6. Tattoos for girls (as for everybody else) stay with you for a lifetime. Having a tattoo removed is very painful and very expensive and mostly the results look awful. So, think before you ink! If you are not absolutely sure about your decision, why not start with a temporary tattoo at first. Try it out for a couple of days, Find out if this is really for you – if not, you can just wash it off.

There are very many wonderful designs of tattoo for girls now and a nicely done tattoo can of course enhance the looks of a young woman. But still it remains a critical decision which should be made in a hurry.

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