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May 11, 2010 / gooisma

Think Before Tattooing

In my experience, I believe that tattoos are the first choice of every person, but I have seen many cases where people are wrong tattoos in the form of experience, as someone who wants to marry a girl tattoo, but by chance if a girl wants marry this type can believe it will be possible, I donâ € ™ t think so, because it happened to my friend when he was ignored by her husband.
People who work in many private sectors where their tattoos do not like the Boss, which offer no high place, because of their tattoos if you are so qualified and entitled, itâ € ™ sa fact my friends and I read a lot if the line so that the first totally decided that the tattoo is good for your life or not, what you do in your body.

I donâ € ™ t say that tattoos are not good, after all itâ € ™ s world-famous art critic and body, so how can I say that itâ € ™ s bad, but the experiences of different people say the truth.

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